Sikke, Türkiye’s electronic currency

Sikke, Türkiye’s electronic currency

Welcome to Sikke Platform…

First of all thank you as a team for your trust in Sikke. We believe that Sikke is a digital asset that will earn a lot of investors in the middle and long term, and we continue our software development with this belief. We want you to believe in Sikke and trust us in this difficult process.

The coin is separated from other electronic funds by many features. When the coin (SKK) is designed; Unlike other crypto coins, it is not just for trading in stock markets! It is designed as an intermediary tool in international banking transactions or in real markets (for example, as a means of payment in a market). In addition to this, Smart Contracts, short of the transaction period and special security tools and sikke platform are the way to achieve a province in the world.

Sikke is not just an electronic money, it will be an ecosystem in which economic values ​​can be generated. Revenues from the sale of SKK will be used for the development of subprojects and modules as indicated in our roadmap. As these modules and processes are released, the SKK in your hand will be further evaluated.

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A total of 100,000,000 SKK tokens will be produced over a period of 4 years, 45% will be offered in the market, and only 34,000,000 IDs (up to 13,000,000 SKKs in circulation in 2018) will be traded on the stock market. The fact that it will be so few on the stock exchanges will bring a lot of money to the Sikke investor in medium and long term.

Site address: SCAM

Sikke (SKK) Token sales process
A total of 10,000,000 SKK tokens will be submitted for the year 2018. The sales will be made in 4 periods in April..

1st Period : 04-06 April 2018 | 1,000,000 SKK | 50% discount | 1 SKK = 0.50 TL
2nd Period : 11-13 April 2018 | 2.000.000 SKK | 40% discount | 1 CCK = $ 0.60
3rd Period : 18-20 April 2018 | 3,000,000 SKK | 25% discount | 1 SKK = $ 0.75
4th Period : 25-27 April 2018 | 4,000,000 SKK | 15% discount | 1 SKK = $ 0.85

Planning :First, calculate how much you will invest by using the following calculator.
Deposit Submission: After you have determined your investment amount, deposit a deposit to your Sikke Accounts.
SKK Buying: You can complete your CCA purchase using the deposit on your account.
Investment Preference: By reviewing our medium and long term investment plans, Sikke A.Ş. long-term earnings can be recorded in your computer.

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sikke yol haritası

Features of Sikke

Very Fast : It takes no more than 1 second to send and receive coins no matter where the world is!

100% Transaction Confirmation : A 100% voting unit must be provided to confirm a transaction on the Sikke network.

No Wait : There’s no need to wait six more to make sure a process is final!

Full Security : SikkeNet network; Instant, Hourly or Daily sending limit can be defined.

Full Privacy : Sikke RowBlockChain transactions in the chain; can not be traced, can not be executed backwards, can not be changed.

Instant Notifications : Realtime notifications (Mail & Notification) can be sent instantly to purse users at the moment of a transaction.

Callback URL : on the SikkeNet network; the data of an operation result can be posted to the specified URL in realtime.

Partnership Usage : On the SikkeNet network; full or tracking authorized partners for a purse may be appointed.

Pouch On/Off : Can be used as Shuffle Usage On or Usage Off.

Hot / Cold : The shots can be used online or offline. Backupable, printable.

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Nickname : Keselere nickname can be defined, Businesses may require payment using special purse names

Pouch Types : Entry Only, Exit Only, Smart Pouch, etc. may form cues in various types, such as


You can earn a gift by making a promotion of the #sikke platform we are developing.
– 10 SKK awards for 1 visitor with your reference
– Membership with your reference and 5% SKK from purchases of SKK tokens from pre-sale campaign


Social Media Campaign : Twitter & Instagram & Facebook & VK etc You will post or repost these social networks using your #sikke hashtags or other # we will mark them on your account.

Signature Campaign for Forums : Forums that discuss digital money, such as Bitcointalk & Bitsharestalk, will add #sikke signatures to your profile

Article / news writing campaign for Blogger : If you have a blog or are able to post in a blog site, you can get a reward by creating a positive / constructive article / media about Sikke

Sikke Promotion : You can get a reward for your positive / constructive work on the coin regardless of which channel it is.

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