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Gold & Coins
Most of this website is about gold & coins, although we also give information about gold and coins, and have investment advice and information about gold and coins in general.

History of Gold & Coins
Gold & coins have been produced for about 2,700 years, the first known were issued in Lydia about 640 B.C. We recount a brief history of gold & coins on its own page.

Gold & Coins as Money
Coins are a convenient way of using gold as money, although central banks also store much of their gold reserves as gold bars, which are also money. For over 2,000 years most coinage systems used gold for their higher value coins, usually along with silver and copper coins also, as gold is too valuable to be useful for low denomination coins.

Gold & Coins for Investment
Because many gold & coins are available at very close to their underlying intrinsic gold value, they are a very convenient and sensible way to invest in gold. In our opinion, gold coins are the best way to invest in physical gold.

Commemorative Gold & Coins
Because gold is a valuable metal, and because of its other desirable properties, gold is an obvious choice of metal to use when producing commemorative coins. In the past, special sets of coins were issued to mark coronations and other important state events, and these often included sets of gold coins.

Gold & Coins as a Reserve Asset
Much of the gold reserves held by many central banks used to be held in the form of gold coins. Because gold & coins are generally no longer used for circulation, this appears to have declined in recent years.

Gold & Coins for Collectors
Gold & coins make an excellent choice for collectors. Many gold coins can be bought in excellent or even mint condition for only a relatively small premium over their gold content. Because they are gold, they are unlikely to tarnish or discolour.

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