Alkebulan AKB, One Africa Cryptocurrency

Alkebulan AKB, One Africa Cryptocurrency

Alkebulan AKB, One Africa Cryptocurrency
Since the last few years i interest me for investments in the agricultural industry in Afrika.

The problem is that there are to many bridges for investment opportunities in African countries. (eventually write an example about money transfers and currency exchanges which are expensive)

There are a lot of opportunities in Africa for investments like in the Agricultural industry and the energy industry.

With this concept were planning to remove all those bridges to make it easier for all the people on the world to invest in the African agriculture and energy production.


1. Building a platform which will be the point for farms,companies who wants to crowdfund their company,idea for starting or expanding their businesses and making their businesses lean. The accepted currency will be AlkebulanCash. Symbol: (AKB). One Africa Cryptocurrency .

It should be even possible on the platform for buying/selling harvest, lots etc.

(Technically i think there must be an completely redesign of the waveswallet for usage of the platform where it is possible to integrate social interaction on the platform and eventually connections to twitter,facebook etc. for different purposes. I think )

2. Get partnerships with farms and buyers of the products from the harvest and creating pilot programs for buying/selling agricultural lots. It’s possible then to make direct interaction of customers without bridges.

Partnerships with producents who can deliver solar panels which can be installed on farms etcetera for energy production which shall be a tool for a better infrastructure and lean workplaces which shall create an higher production of their harvest.

3. This is optional to research the possibilities in the future
Building an central regulated investment fund who can whitelist and help companies by funding their projects. (this can be potentially an different token who will holding an ICO who shall also collect AKB tokens for funding projects and potentially building an infrastructure between different projects. Think this can be an excellent pilot program in 1 or maybe even more countries. With this pilot it should be possible to educate people and creating jobs and many more.

The plan shall be builded with an complete infrastructure inside what needs a lot of research and work to accomplish. Eventually with an investment fund (goal 3) who can help,educate and research projects to expand the platform. Detailed information shall come late 2018 after researching the pros and cons about their goals.

The fund can help with the first financial help, give an headstart to companies who needs an financial injection for expanding businesses or starting businesses.

The goal is not only to fund farms but also educate the farms and creating an better infrastructure between farms and the farm customers.


1. Building the platform for crowdfundings,buying and selling harvest.
Building an central point where people can crowdfund money and buying,selling harvest products with an easy to use interface. Also there must be an integration for exchanging AKB tokens or other currencies to the local currency. (think about waxex)

2. Make partnerships
Make partnerships with potential buyers/sellers who want to make use of the platform to give it a headstart. Partnership with solar panel suppliers for installation and educational purposes.

3. Creating pilot programs for the first solar powered farms.
Here an example of an Nigerian farm:
White plain farms, Nigeria

The roofs of the farm buildings are empty and could be used for producing energy or power. The power can be used by the farm itself for making a more lean infrastructure but it’s also worth to look at opportunities for transferring power with batteries or an cabled network to local villages etc.

Here an example of an dutch farm building with solar panels on the roof:
zonnepanelen installatie

The power received by the solar panels can be used for drain systems of the farmfields, it can be used for milk installations for cows and there are many other examples possible.

Before this can be real there is research needed about all the pros and cons of the installations.

The idea’s what is written on these pages are very rough and needs more detailed information in the future.
Written by Ileke Haverhoek, Blockchain Investment Netherlands

Why this project? Why Africa? Why now?

Written by Tim Luenstaeden Co-founder Alkebulan (AKB) cryptocurrency
We claim for ourselves, for this group AlkebulanCash Cryptocurrency (AKB), for this project to develop a COIN – not to develop a CURRENCY (!!!).There are hundreds of coins based on the Block-chain Technology, some for charity, some to get rich with. But a (block-chain) currency just for Africa that can be used in every African state, in every town, in every village, in every shop and between the People doesn’t exist so far. Let this currency be the start for a new time, because the time for a United Africa is now. Why should the time be now ? Look at Africa, there are a lot of resources in the Ground, there is pure natural energy most of the year (Sun – heat, Water – flow). Why don’t you just use them?

All Project members of Alkebulan Cryptocurrency (AKB) got one target, one thin that united us in the group and also unite all Africans as well. We want Africa to rise to a new and strong glorious Nation. To reach those targets it is necessary to enable Cross border Transactions – Europe would not work without that. Yes Europe got its own problems, but look what they also achieved in this years since they use the Euro. You can move from Germany to France also Italy and a lot more states without exchanging the currency, imagine this for Africa – wouldn’t it be awesome ?

Nowadays sadly in some states you have the problem that the currencies are weak against the Dollar or Euro. So you have often to wear a bag full of money with you just to buy everyday needed things most especially business transaction across borders or sending money oversees/receiving it. Let us build a New Africa that works, a New Africa that will put a smile on the faces of millions of Africans around the globe. Join us today to rebuild the strength of Africa Using Block chain Technology.

Every week I have an English lesson sent by my company for workers to improve/train their English skills. This week my professor brought a newspaper to the class as he always does, he let us openly read it and after that we discussed about the topics. Our professor knows that I am a Co-founder of the AKB Currency and that is why he brought this article called “Is cash on its way out around this world?”.

The article itself is not so important, but the map they printed there shows the planet and where the people are able to pay with non-cash solutions like credit cards/debit cards. Those places are also the places where crypto currencies in the future will kick in because they are much more efficient. I checked this map and saw that Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa already use these technologies. And I asked myself “why not the rest of this continent?” and then I remembered that many people do not have access to the banking systems in their country, that those people really have other problems than going to the bank and creating an account.

We discussed a lot of the pros and cons of payment without money. He said it would be bad if there was no fiat currency(cash) available, because the state could control how many each citizen receives. However, on the other side you can create a great and fair tax system that allows a state to build schools and hospitals where every citizen can get free treatment and free education, wouldn’t that be awesome? To be honest, no one likes to pay taxes, but in the end, we all benefit from it, there is really nothing for free on this planet. Here in Europe you can walk on the sidewalk even in the night, and there are always lights on, even in the worst village you have lights. Or what is with the streets itself? In my town they repair the streets every 3-5 years and they are always in a good shape. But if I look to Africa I wonder that they even can drive there.

If I check here how many cars every family got I would say 1-3 cars each family (2 adults, 3 kids), some have also motorbikes just for fun. In other countries or on other continents you use those vehicles for transportation, to earn money to feed your children. Or what is with the Traffic lights? How many people die every year in Africa because they crossed the street, but there are no traffic lights, so accidents happen easily and often. Safety is the key, and AKB brings this safety automatically. In the future we want also to support Solar projects to make more energy available for everyone, also projects like free access to the Wallets for everyone. That would mean that you can send and receive AKB at every place and anytime. No matter where you are. All you need only a smartphone, or perhaps even just carrying a piece of paper that can be scanned.

I recently thought about buying myself an Amazon kindle, now they offer that you can download their books “for free” (you must pay a little bit more for this special kindle) in over 100 countries. So, if Amazon can do this, we should also be able to do this in Africa

As you can see the technologies are there, they have to be utilized effectively and efficiently though. If you support us, if you help us to make this currency successful in Africa. I’m sure that Africa can make the next big step to a more modern continent and more forward-looking future with the help of AKB. I want to tell my children in 40 years: “when I was born, Africa was a poor and weak continent, with more than one culture at every corner, just look at it now, one modern and unified people”.


A small payment proof
AlkebulanCash payment proof

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