Purplish pink diamond hits record $ 26.6 million

Pink Diamond, The Spirit of the Rose

Purplish pink diamond hits record $ 26.6 million The “Spirit of the Rose” diamond, in Geneva on November 6, 2020 The price of some of the largest pink rough diamond ever discovered in Russia has unsurprisingly skyrocketed. An exceptional pink stone, from this rough diamond, was auctioned for $ 26.6 million commission included Wednesday evening in Geneva by Sotheby’s. However, the record could have gone even further. The auction house had previously estimated it between 23 and 38 million dollars. Named “The Spirit of the Rose” after the famous Ballets…

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What Is A Diamond? The word Diamond comes from the Greek word Adamas, which means indestructible. It is the only gem known to man that is made of a single element, Carbon, besides graphite. Diamond is completely made of Carbon atoms (Chemical Composition – C) crystallized in a cubic (isometric) arrangement. How and where are diamonds formed? Diamonds form between 120-200 kilometers or 75-120 miles below the earth’s surface. According to geologists the first delivery of diamonds was somewhere around 2.5 billion years ago and the most recent was 45…

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