StormGain: Bitcoin Cloud Miner β

StormGain: Bitcoin Cloud Miner β

Is StormGain’s Free Bitcoin Mining a Dream or a Storm in a Teacup?

Earning cryptocurrency online presents a myriad of opportunities, ranging from completing surveys to utilizing faucets, among others. However, one standout method, both in terms of simplicity and effectiveness, is through StormGain.

StormGain isn’t just a trading platform; it offers a comprehensive suite of services that complement its primary functions of exchange and trading. One such feature is its free cloud mining service.

This unique offering allows users to mine Bitcoin effortlessly. The process involves running the miner for 4-hour intervals, during which it generates BTC. While it does require periodic login and reactivation every 4 hours, this can be easily managed, especially with the convenience of StormGain’s free mobile app.

The allure of free Bitcoin is undeniable, and StormGain’s cloud mining simulation has many intrigued. But before diving in, it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction and understand the potential storm clouds on the horizon.

Not Your Typical Mining Operation:

Forget visions of whirring rigs and complex algorithms. StormGain’s “mining” is more akin to a gamified simulation. Every four hours, you “activate” mining, and voila! You’re rewarded with miniscule amounts of Bitcoin (as trading bonuses). The catch? It takes ages to reach a withdrawable amount, and that’s assuming the platform stays afloat.

Earning Penance or Real Profit?

StormGain remains tight-lipped about how they fund these rewards. Whispers suggest user deposits or trading fees, which raises a giant red flag about sustainability. And let’s not forget, the earned Bitcoin isn’t yours to hold. It’s a mere trading bonus, locking you into their platform and exposing you to potential trading risks.

Security Concerns: A Storm Brewing?

While the promise of free Bitcoin might be tempting, numerous user reports of withdrawal issues and platform security vulnerabilities paint a concerning picture. Before you entrust any funds to StormGain, tread carefully and do your research!

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Alternatives: Calmer Waters Ahead

If you’re truly set on acquiring Bitcoin, consider calmer waters. Here are some alternatives:

  • Direct Investment: Buying Bitcoin through established exchanges like Coinbase or Gemini offers more control and potential growth, although it carries inherent risks.
  • Bitcoin Faucets: These digital drips might not fill your bucket fast, but they offer a genuine way to earn small amounts of Bitcoin through tasks like surveys or watching ads.
  • Cloud Mining Services: Legitimate options exist, but proceed with caution. These often require upfront investment and hefty fees. Do your due diligence before taking the plunge!

The Verdict: Proceed with Caution

StormGain’s “mining” might seem like a shortcut to Bitcoin riches, but the reality is far stormier. With limited earning potential, questionable sustainability, and security concerns, it’s best to approach this platform with caution and explore alternative options for calmer, more transparent sailing towards your Bitcoin goals. Remember, free things often come with hidden costs, and in the world of cryptocurrency, it’s always wise to steer clear of stormy waters.

Earn up to 8% in Passive Crypto Income with StormGain

Earn rewards for holding crypto in your StormGain wallets.
No bank can match an 8% interest rate. Switch from old investments to earning high passive income on crypto without the risk of trading.

  • Deposit a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $2 million.
  • Start earning interest and withdraw funds whenever you want.
  • Rest easy with our secure, multifunctional crypto app.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bitcoin mining done?
Cloud Mining is performed on equipment owned by StormGain and does not use the resources of a user’s device, i.e., the device’s CPU, battery, graphics cards or other hardware resources. Users can manage and view transactions only via the StormGain app for cloud mining.

I can’t withdraw my coins. Why?
There are two potential reasons for this:
1. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 USDT (equivalent in BTC), check that you have mined at least this amount.
2. The mining process is still active. Withdrawals are not possible while the mining process is still ongoing. Wait until mining has finished and then withdraw.

Funds have been deducted but I don’t see them in my Wallet.
Your earnings will be exchanged for USDT and credited to your USDT Bonus wallet in 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Why might the amount mined be reduced?
You are mining BTC coins in satoshi. The amount in USDT may vary due to the BTC/USDT exchange rate and commission fees.

My miner speed has slowed. Why is this?
The number of our clients who use the Miner is constantly increasing. This reduces the overall speed of mining for all participants. We have to distribute our server’s resources in order to provide the service to all our clients.
We are working on options which will provide an ability to speed up the Miner. Stay tuned!

Why should I restart the Miner each 4 hours?
A large number of Miners working simultaneously significantly affects the overall mining speed. Due to our limited resourses and the need to provide the Miner to all our clients at as high a speed as possible, it works best when run in 4 hour shifts.

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How can I increase the Miner speed?
We are currently working on several solutions to enable clients to speed up their Miners.
Based on your StormGain status, you will be able to boost the speed up to x530!
Stay tuned

Why might my mining reward change?
Due to the large number of participants and limited resources available, the reward for one block is constantly changing. The time taken to mine may vary, but the reward you receive is liable to decrease the more you mine We are currently working on methods of increasing the Miner’s speed and, as a result, the reward amount.

How can mined coins be used?
All mined funds are available to use for trading only. Any profit you earn may then be exchanged or withdrawn.

I see a “Network Error” message. What should I do?
Such problems usually occur as a result of a slow internet connection on your device, firewalls, adblockers or a massive number of participants sending requests simultaneously. We would advise you to try again in one or two hours. Meanwhile, you can also try our Miner for PC and laptop. Simply open StormGain on your desktop computer and launch the Miner there. In case the problem persists, contact our Support Team again.


Once the miner has accumulated the equivalent of at least 10 USDT, users can withdraw these earnings to utilize on the platform’s trading services. With a bit of luck, users can enjoy the benefits of earning crypto with minimal effort.

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