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ICO may become essentially new way of your business. Learn how to invest successfully, and not to get scammed.
Being active Internet users, we have heard much about cryptocurrencies and ICO’s, but few people know what it is actually about. Let’s open the veil, starting with brief overview of cryptocurrency concepts: Cryptocurrency is a virtual asset consisting of digital coins, which are based on a chain of blocks program code. In fact, the cryptocurrency is a set of structured in a specific way symbols, a data packet formed with the help of mining. (i.e. Bitcoin, BitcoinWhite, Ethereum)

Mining is a process of extraction of computer data necessary for formation of the unit of the cryptocurrency, which occurs by selecting numerical variations for them. This selection, in its turn takes place in the form of solving complex mathematical tasks. Mining takes place on a competitive basis, when many users around the world in a single network of blockade, compete in the speed of the solution tasks and extraction of data packets.

Blockchain is a decentralized database in which data about all transactions committed ministers and owners of cryptocurrencies. The network of detachment fixes information about already extracted (mined) units crypto-currencies, as well as transfers of asset units between users wallets. A copy of the network is stored on the computers of all its participants, which serves as a protection against burglary and guaranteeing transparency of operations. No one is able to arbitrarily To make changes to the network of the blockade, and to bypass the rules of its functioning.

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What about ICO? ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering and is a new form of attracting investments in technology projects (start-ups), within the framework of which there is an acquisition by investors in the ownership of units of the internal crypto currency of the project.
Digital coins created during the ICO are also called tokens, which are used to circulate within it’s technology project for related services.

Ethereum was one of the pioneers in the ICO industry, representing vast platform for transactions on the basis of “smart contracts”. BitcoinWhite, being the the freshest product at the crypto technology market, provides decentralized application platform – there is no need for projects, based on this platform, to support hardware, or face with scalability issues – everything is already provided in advance. While Bitcoin, being yet most popular, is already facing performance issues, it’s network suffers from the rapid growth of transaction processing.
Will you succeed in joining ICO for a new project? The golden rule says “The higher the project’s possible income, the higher it’s investment risks”. But there some basic moments, you have to note.

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Legal status, roadmap and the white paper. Despite of ambiguous project requirements, currently, the new legislative framework is actively developing;

Scam. There is a huge hype around the ICO. According to overall cryptomarket capitalization is more than $440 Billion. Be aware ICO attracts scammers!

Profitability. Indeed, it is difficult to name another industry that could provide yield prospects, similar to the crypto-currencies that are issued on the ICO (Ethereum did 70000%!);

Low Entry Threshold. New tokens often priced less than $1. Even if the project ends with nothing, investment in a small package of cheap tokens will not empty your wallet. But if they grow, the result will be more than notable.
You automatically receive coins Bitcoin White
Total emission: 60,000,000 BTW
BTW on ICO: 10,002,000 BTW (16.67%)
Price on ICO: 0.10$
ICO End Date: December 30th
We accept
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, BitcoinCash
Coins from ICO can be immediately sold by you on the exchange, unlike coins from AirDrop.
After completion ICO, you can use AirDrop coins from exchanges
If you sold coins from AirDrop, you will be excluded from the stages of AirDrop.
ICO Fund will go to develop core platform, negotiations and payment for services of the exchange, marketing company.

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ico started, don’t miss a chance to get your ticket for the speedy train welcome, thank you for the confidence bitcoin white, we are pleased to report that ıco is running! – price of 1 btw is 0.40 $, the minimum amount of replenishment is 50$. – entering btw stock exchange on january 7. available cryptocurrency in automatic mode bitcoin, dash, litecoin, bitcoin cash. ın manual mode we accept eth.
We hope, now you will become successful ICO investor. Thanks for your time!

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